Friday, February 6, 2015

The Truck!!!!!

     Introducing the Lanoue families new ride, our brand new Chevy Silverado. We are ecstatic and so honored to have received such and amazing prize and recognition for all our work in ag promotion. Paul and I were blessed with the opportunity to compete earlier this year in the Farm Bureau  Young Farmer and Rancher Excellence in Agriculture competition and won the national contest and the truck you see here is our prize. See this post where I talk about what the competition involves Excellenge in Agriculture.
      We had a wonderful reception at our local dealership Lockwood Motors with many wonderful supporters of Farm Bureau and the Young Farmer and Rancher Program. As you see we got the kids our to school to help us celebrate. They are just as excited, if not more, about the new truck. Paul and I have been wanting and waiting for a truck for many years and are so excited the day has come where we can call one of these great machines ours.
     Here area bunch of photos my mom was so kind in taking for me during the reception. You can view them and get every minute of the excitement. Such a fun time full of great energy.
Luke and Rose spent most of their time in the cap testing every button and honking the horn.

Yes Paul you now own a Victory Red truck.

Minnesota Farm Bureau President Kevin Papp presented Paul and I with the keys to the truck.

Chevy representatives came and we are honored at the wonderful prize the have given us and their support of Farm Bureau

AGNITION also presented us with a prize they were giving to us in a Generate product they will apply free of cost to 100 acers of our land this next spring. Thanks AGNITION.

The Farm Bureau staff put on a wonderful reception with a cake and drinks.

The kids were excited to see a candy boque and made sure to sample many of them.


Once again thank you to the great Farm Bureau Staff and friends who have helped us along the way. This truck wouldn't be ours without your great support and guidance.
      Thank you once again to all those who have helped us along the way and also to all of you out there who support agriculture in your daily lives. It is because of all of you that Paul and I have the passion and energy to keep spreading the wonderful new of agriculture today. We love our life connected to agriculture and growing food and love telling this story to all we meet. It is just the red cherry on top that we are honored with such an amazing prize. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again to everyone we truly feel we couln't have gotten this without you.

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