Thursday, November 12, 2015

FFA members in the making

We have a tradition of taking a picture of the kids in a little FFA jacket we have. One of my husbands first FFA students made for us when our first son was just a newborn. The jacket is so cute and if our kids follow in their fathers footsteps FFA will be a large part of their life.
 Luke turned 2 a few days ago so it was time to get him in the jacket and take a few pictures. He was all smiles and goofy faces. He wanted to have the tractor and baler he just got for his birthday with him. I think they turned out great.

 What a charmer.

 I wanted to find the pictures of all the other kids in their jackets and had luck finding the younger ones. I have my mom working on finding the pictures of the older kids. How did we do it before digital photos? Here are the ones I found for know.
I think this is a little older David
 Here is little David with a big smile.
And finally Rose with her chocolate brown eyes.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Fly

I don't know why but I get a bit into Halloween. For the past few years we have had a theme the kids dress up in and this year happened to be "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly". This is a story the kids and I have read a number of times everyone found a character that fit them. Since we spend out Halloween evening trick or treating at the grandma's and great grandma's houses we decided that we would have them play the "old lady" for us. As you can see we had the cute little fly (Luke), the spider (David), the bird (me), the cat (Rose), the dog (stuffed), the cow (Paul), and the horse (Mary). Now you might wonder why medical personal is present for this theme. The old lady story ends with her dying since she swallowed a horse and Simon didn't like this ending. So to solve this he decided to be the surgeon that would save the old lady's life by taking all the animals our of her. What a thoughtful young man.
 Here are the pictures we gathered through the night with all our "old ladies".

One final group shot hanging out on the quad track. What a good looking bunch.
 The day after Halloween is my youngest Luke's birthday. He made such a cute little fly for Halloween and at our last stop for the night at my in laws he got his first birthday present. His own loader tractor and it is red like dad's. Luke was ecstatic to have his own loader. He has been using his big brothers tractors and had all but worn them out.
Here is a  collection of cute Luke pic from over the year. He has grown up so fast and become such a little man. Happy Birthday Luke. I love you.