Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Salsa with corn and black beans

    Who doesn't love fresh made salsa using produce fresh from the garden? My mother and I do a lot of canning  this time of year and have tried many salsa recipes and I think we have came up with the best one yet this year. It is Salsa with Corn and Black Beans. Sooo good.
     I myself like a salsa that has some chunkiness to it that you can pick up with the chip. I feel that the corn and beans in this salsa give it that chunky texture that I like. The corn also adds a sweetness that I enjoy and the added beans and corn make this a very pretty salsa. 
        The directions are pretty straight forward you chop all the vegetables, except for the corn and beans, and mix them together. I use a food processor and it goes quick. As a note the easiest way to get the skin off the tomatoes is to blanch them in boiling water just until the skin start to split, them remove them from the boiling water and cool in cold water. When able to handle the tomatoes the skin should slide off easily. The place in food processor and chop until chunkiness you desire. Once all the veggies are in the pot put it on the stove to warm and then add the spices and other ingredients. The salsa does not have to boil but just warm. Then put in  jars and process for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath.
        As you can see canning day can make quite a mess in the kitchen. You can see in the picture the food processor I use and all the big pots required for prepping the salsa. There is a lot of activity and all the kids wanted to help. The boys helped me cut the corn off the cob, Mary helped me skin the blanched tomatoes and Rose helped grandma pick the seeds out of the peppers. Luke was just content to watch the action.

      When my mother and I can we are known to make numerous batches at a time. We gather the tomatoes and pepper from the garden and figure about how many batches it will be. This day we made a 5x batch. We also use the recipe as a loose guideline and add a few extra peppers or tomatoes in if that is whats ready in the garden. This day or salsa batch go so big we had to get out the really BIG POT so fit it all in.
        This salsa is also great fresh. I ate almost this whole bowl of salsa for lunch that day. To think many of the veggies in there were growing in the field or garden just that morning.

      The fruit of our labor. I enjoy canning and knowing that I grew and produced this food that my family will get to enjoy. I hope you try this salsa recipe for your family and I know you will be hooked. Enjoy.

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  1. I believe that salsa can be raw or cooked, chopped finely or chunky, blended smooth, mild or fiery hot, smooth or spicy or fruity.