Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pray Unceasingly

  I had a sad call from a father yesterday inquiring about the Natural Family Planning courses I teach. As we visited and I was explaining how the method works he informed me that his partner was currently pregnant. I asked when the baby was due and he paused and said they are exploring their options. My heart sank. I encouraged him to consider adoption if they felt keeping the child wasn't an option. He said the mother didn't want to go through with the pregnancy and then give the baby away. As we kept talking I could tell that they had already made up their minds on what to do. I asked him how far along she was and he said she was 15 weeks. I let him know that at 13 weeks the baby has a sex and can be seen by ultrasound. He told me they had already seen the abortionist and she had done an ultrasound and they knew it was a healthy baby girl. He said that they had an abortion scheduled for later on this week. I tried to help him see that this child is a living person and doesn't need to die. Before we hung up I told him I would be praying for both of them and the baby. This is what I would like to ask you to do also. Please pray for this little girls life. She is a little light that is in danger of being put out. Jesus please hold her and her parents close to you and help them feel your unconditional love. 
    Padre Pio: A Patron Saint for the Unborn
     The Blessed Mother said to him: “I am entrusting this unborn child to your care and protection.”
   Last night at our family prayer time I told my children about this baby and my daughter Mary decided she wanted to name the baby Joyce. She said this is because when Jesus saves the baby we can all rejoice that her life was sparred. 
      All life is precious and a gift from God   

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


   Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege of going to see the amazing Garth Brooks. He has been very gracious putting on a number of concerts for us folks up here in the frozen land of MN. It was a wonderful concert and a memory of a lifetime. Come enjoy and relive the concert with me.
      Our "Friends in Low Places".
 Before the concert and very excited for a number of reason.
1. Out with my husband without kids.
2. Going to see Garth Brooks and sing some great songs!

      Halfway  through the show Trisha Yearwood came out and sang a song with her hubby. Then she let Garth take a rest while she treated us to some of her great songs. What a treat.

 Garth is back.

   And all to soon the concert was done. We Love You GARTH!

One last pic after the concert at 2am in the morning. We were tired and kind of horse but couldn't have been happier. What a concert and great night.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Where has the fall gone?

     I don't know why but it seems fall is the shortest season on the farm. It seem like all of a sudden the crops are putting on their fall colors and the combines go out into the fields. The next thing you know the weather has turned chilly and snow flakes are in the air. It could be all the business of this time of year that makes it fly by, or it could be that here in Minnesota the weather like to go from hot to cold so quickly.
     Looking around I can see that another fall has rushed by and winter is swiftly coming. The fields are all harvested and the ground dug to prepare the soil for it winter rest. The leaves have all fallen from the trees and blanket the ground. The garden produce has been taken in and stored. Winter coats, hats, and mittens are being worn by kids and the forecast promises inches of snow in the next couple days.
        Halloween is always one of those last fall events. The kids and I have fun making costumes and we spend the night going to see all the grandparents and great-grandparent. In the one night we visit both of the kids grandparents and three sets of their great-grandparents.  One of the joys of living in the same area where we were raised. Family is so special.
       We enjoy having group themes for Halloween. This year we did Little Red Ridinghood. Rose was ridinghood, Luke was the little bad wolf, Mary was the grandma, David was the huntsman, and Simon was a scarecrow. They are do cute and each played their parts so well.
       Soon after Halloween my little bad wolf, Luke, turned 1 year old. He is getting so big and always into stuff. He is such a good boy but does have a scream that is going to give me hearing loss.  We had a fun little party for him and he entertained us all showing off his walking skills pushing a new toy he had gotten.

                             Happy Birthday Luke, We Love You.