Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking the voice of Farmers to DC

   This last week Paul and I had the honor of traveling to Washington DC so we could visit with members of congress and bring forward concerns of farmers here in Minnesota and across the country. We were accompanied by 25 other Young Farmer and Rancher members of Farm Bureau. We were able to get into all 10 of Minnesota's congressional offices. Paul and I have made this trip to DC in years past and each time I am impressed to see the increasingly positive reception and understanding we have with our representatives. This is due to our continued presence and communication with them.
   We had many issues we talked to the elected officials about. For more information on what these issue are I would direct you to Our main goal was to help the representatives here our stories and see that there are farmers in their state who need there help so we can continue growing food into the future.
      Another great part of the trip was getting to see my sister and her kids who are currently living in on the east coast. They took the opportunity to come and see Washington DC and had a great time. I was able to  see some of the Smithsonian Museums with them during our free day.
      We took some time to enjoy the grass and open space on the mall and had some fun with the Washington Monument.

       It is always energizing to visit new places and spend time with wonderful people sharing the experiences we are blessed with here on the farm. We feel strongly that organizations like Farm Bureau are excellent advocates for agriculture and we appreciate all the support and opportunities it provides. It is important that even though farming makes up only a small portion of the population our voice is heard and our businesses supported because 100% of the population needs to eat.