Tuesday, November 18, 2014


   Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege of going to see the amazing Garth Brooks. He has been very gracious putting on a number of concerts for us folks up here in the frozen land of MN. It was a wonderful concert and a memory of a lifetime. Come enjoy and relive the concert with me.
      Our "Friends in Low Places".
 Before the concert and very excited for a number of reason.
1. Out with my husband without kids.
2. Going to see Garth Brooks and sing some great songs!

      Halfway  through the show Trisha Yearwood came out and sang a song with her hubby. Then she let Garth take a rest while she treated us to some of her great songs. What a treat.

 Garth is back.

   And all to soon the concert was done. We Love You GARTH!

One last pic after the concert at 2am in the morning. We were tired and kind of horse but couldn't have been happier. What a concert and great night.

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  1. I saw him in Chicago and was so excited!! They put on an amazing show, showing to remember for the rest of my life!