Thursday, November 12, 2015

FFA members in the making

We have a tradition of taking a picture of the kids in a little FFA jacket we have. One of my husbands first FFA students made for us when our first son was just a newborn. The jacket is so cute and if our kids follow in their fathers footsteps FFA will be a large part of their life.
 Luke turned 2 a few days ago so it was time to get him in the jacket and take a few pictures. He was all smiles and goofy faces. He wanted to have the tractor and baler he just got for his birthday with him. I think they turned out great.

 What a charmer.

 I wanted to find the pictures of all the other kids in their jackets and had luck finding the younger ones. I have my mom working on finding the pictures of the older kids. How did we do it before digital photos? Here are the ones I found for know.
I think this is a little older David
 Here is little David with a big smile.
And finally Rose with her chocolate brown eyes.

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  1. What a cute jacket! Would you consider joining the Country Fair Blog Party this month with this post?