Friday, February 13, 2015

Bull bidding

    This next summer we have aquired another pasture that we will put cattle in. We like to have a bull in each of our pastures to breed the cows there. This addition of another pasture means we are in need of another bull. My dad and husband have been to many bull sales over the last month or so and have seen many nice animals but have been waiting for the right animal at the right price. There are many factors that go into picking out a bull. The animal is given numbers in regards to how big its offspring should be at birth, this is especially important when breeding a bull to a first calf heifer. Some bulls are known as calving ease bulls because the calves should be a smaller size. The bull is also scored on how big the offspring should be at weaning time and market weight. There are other numbers and figures I don't quite understand but my husband does so that is what's important. 
   So all that brings us to today. This morning Paul told me that the Hook family was having their bull sale this afternoon and he was going. The Hook family is a wonderful neighbor family whom Paul worked for during high school and we have become good friends with. I thought it might be fun to go to the sale as a family and let the kids experience a cattle sale. 
First we went out and looked at the animals. Mary is my animal lover and had to say hi to a few. They were quite friendly. Like was interested in them too. Paul looked them all over closly and found a few he liked. Let's hope they go for the right price. 
Inside the auction ring the kids and I sat through a few bulls being sold. Paul was nervous that the kids would make a bid as they were moving all around. After a while we went back outside because the kids said it was getting to loud for them with the auctioneer and the yiping ring men. 
Mary and Rose found some farm kitties to snuggle so they were happy. 

And Luke found some things with a steering wheel so he was happy. It was a beautiful fun day and a successful one too. Paul did buy a bull so we are ready for the next breeding season and we are happy that we could get it from such a great farming family. 

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