Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First calf

      The first cutie calf of the year has arrived on our farm. He arrived a little early but is healthy and doing well.  Seeing this cute soft new life sure gets me excited for spring and all the little ones yet to come.
          Standing with his mother a first calf heifer who is doing very well. Her and the calf look comfortable in the barn with the fresh corn stalk bedding.
          Today the temps got up to freezing after a number of days with the temps in the negative numbers. The milder temps and the bright sunshine called to me and the kids and we put on the hat and gloves and headed out on a adventure and to welcome the new calf to the farm.
         Rose found some fun playing and climbing the corn gluten pile that is being used to feed the cattle. With the lack of snow this winter she slid down it a few times pretending it was a snow pile.

          Luke, like all boys, was attracted to the tractors and had to try out the loader tractor. I think he could stay in there for hours pushing buttons and turning the wheel.
          He did take a little brake from the tractor driving to look at the new calf.
           Then it was back to more tractor driving. This time on the old "bouncy seat" tractor as the kids have called it over the years. It has been a favorite of all the kids and it looks like Luke approves of it too.
          I love these sunny days on the farm and seeing the first little signs of spring. It feels so good to be back outside again and see the kids having some good old farm fun.

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