Friday, February 13, 2015

I am programmed to LOVE you

   The kids and I just got done making their valentines and I think they are so cute. As you can see we had to make a whole army of them with three kids in school. We have made these robots in the past and since we were making so many this year we went for the simplified version. In the past we have put starburst feet on them. In the past we also made a book mark out of a paint color card with a bit of ribbon tied to the top and then taped that to the back of the robot. The ribbon looked like antenie. If you can't tell by the picture the body is a juice box, the head a box of nerds (although as you can see we ran out of those and substituted another boxed candy), and the arms are laffy taffy. 

       We have a lot of fun with Valentine's Day and wish you a happy day filled with love and loved ones.    

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