Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Great lengths

Mary has been growing her hair out for some time and we decided it was time to donate her long thick locks to Pantine Great Lengths who will make the hear into wigs for cancer patients. Great Job Mary.
  This is only the second time Mary has had her hair done in a salon. She said she was glad this was the last time we would have to bush our the long easily snarled hair. She sure wont miss all the pulling each morning.
    The stylist put her hair in two ponies saying that each one was as thick as many peoples single ponytail. Mary was calm seeing her hear cut off.
Each ponietail measured aobut 11inches. Bye Bye long hair and snarls.
She looks so cute with her shorter hair and it should be so much easier to care for. You are going to help make someone going through a tough time in live very happy Mary. Good job.

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