Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blessed to have a Mess

    This morning I was walking through the house and looked in my mudroom and though what a mess! These are rubber and snow boots everywhere, piles of hat and mittens, snow pants and farm coats and town coats all over the place. I then stopped and thought to myself "I my not like the mess but I am blessed to have this mess".
   Often the farm is not a clean place and many of the jobs are dirty and stinky. And there are those extra messy times of the year when the snow is melting or the rains are falling when mud seems to cover everything and I start to feel sorry for myself and my house thinking that I will never get it all cleaned up.  Even though mud puddles may cover my floor I need to remind myself that living on the farm is worth it. We have the opportunity to work out in mother nature helping raise wholesome food. We have pride in and take good care of what has been entrusted to us. Farming may be a dirty job but we feel blessed that we are able to do it.

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