Monday, March 24, 2014

New Egg-venture

         The kids and I are embarking on a new egg-venture... Chickens. After many years of the kids asking if we can have chickens I decided that it was finally time. Every spring the kids love going to our local farm store and looking at all the cute baby chicks for sale. Many times in the past I have had to squash their wish of having baby chickens by telling them that chickens are a lot of work and I didn't feel they were ready for that responsibility. With the kids now bigger and wanting to help on the farm I have given my blessing and the adventure is about to begin.
      We decided to start at the very beginning of raising chickens, the eggs. My husbands brother and his wife have been raising egg laying chickens on their farm for the last few years and were kind enough to let us use their incubator and gave us some eggs. As you can see we have quite the collection with white, brown, and green eggs. It will be so fun to see what all the different little chicks look like. The eggs are on an automatic turner and we have a thermometer in the incubator to monitor the temp. Here is a helpful site I found on incubating chicken eggs. We started the eggs on Sunday March 23rd  so the count down begins. One of the hardest parts for the kids is the wait, but I feel that too is a good life lesson.
     Here is a link to my in laws face book page, Buffalo Head Farms.

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  1. I guess B! We are so excited. you do all the work, and we will come play when they are here and cute.