Sunday, March 9, 2014

30 and Counting

      30 cute little calves have joined the farm yard and many more are to follow. Calving time entails a lot of work and making sure the calves and cows have a clean dry place to lay is very important. Clean bedding is needed to keep animals from getting infected or ill. We spent most of Saturday setting up a larger area for the calves and cows which included two calving huts. These huts have low openings which are just big enough for the calves to walk under but to small for the cows to get in.  This allows the calves to have a safe place to lay that stays clean and protected from the wind.
Kids playing in the calving huts as we put down fresh bedding
Calf laying in the fresh bedding getting some sun
          With all the cute calves around we just couldn't help taking some pictures of the kids and calves together. While we are with the calves in these pictures we have sent the mother cows to another pen to eat. We do not allow the kids to be in the same pen as the mother cows and calves because some cows are very protective and could hurt the kids if they feel they are threat to their baby. You will notice in all the pictures the mother cows are absent and that is on purpose.
Me and two cute babies

Simon sharing a tender moment with a calf

Brothers gazing at a new born calf
       Time with the calves is always fun and truly a sign that spring is on the way here on the farm. 

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