Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lion of a Day

          March is famous for it's pleasant Lamb days where spring is in the air and hopes run high. Unfortunately March is also known for days that are classified as Lion days where the wind is roaring and there is a chill in the air. Today was one of those Lion days. Here on the prairie in MN windy days are a common occurrence. On warm summer days the wind can be a welcome friend, but on cold days the wind can drive the winter chill deep into your bones.
       Unfortunately our picturesque barn suffered from the wind this winter and will need repairs. As with ownership of anything, maintenance and repairs are required to keep things working well. On the farm these maintenance jobs are increased due to the number of buildings and the wear and tear of animals on the buildings. Now our little barn here is not use for animals year round, but more for storage. All the same the building will need to be repaired to keep it standing strong for years to come. We take pride in our farm site and the work that we do on it, and want others to be able to see that through how we maintain our farm.
       We now have about 90 calves born out of the 130 expected this year so we are on the home stretch. I'm hoping for some nicer weather so I can take the kids out to see the calves and get some pictures. Mary's favorite cow Snowball is yet to calve and we are anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

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