Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mary loves the Mud

Mary in her rubber boots and mud puddles
          On the farm rubber boots are a necessity.  Another thing that is also common place on the farm are mud puddles. These two things together are my daughter Mary's favorite part of spring. She is a true sucker for splashing in puddles and getting wet. A few days ago we had a wonderfully warm day here in MN and the puddles made an appearance. Mary was in heaven. She ended up having to change her pants and socks about three times that day due to getting them wet. It was such a wonderful day on the farm and I hope that there are many more like it. 
       This diagram that I found demonstrates my fear. That this wonderful day is just a tease and that there is still much more winter to come. It sure was wonderful while it was here. And Mary says the mud was perfect for splashing!

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