Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Frost Warning

There are a few things that strike fear into a farmers heart as much as the words frost warning when they have new seedlings poking their heads out of the ground. A killing frost can be devastating to our new crop wiping it out before the season even really gets underway.  This picture above was sent to me by my dear friend in eastern Montana. They have only been growing corn in her area for the last few years and a few nights ago the temps dipped down to 25 degrees. I feel for them and the anxiety and uncertenty they must be feeling seeing their hard work and livelihood in such a state.
    Here in Minnesota we have been having unseasonably cold weather also. Last night the alerts went out that a killing frost could hit our area. We all said a prayer that this might not happen. Hearing of the chance of frost my thoughts went to my "field" or garden and all the plants that have been growing in there for the last month. 
    I knew that the farmers are at mother natures mercy but there was something I could do to protect my garden. I had the kids help me stretch some extra tarp over as many plants as I could. I needed to protect the tender little leaves from having the frost settle on them. We then went inside, made hot chocolate and hoped for the best. By morning we could see that we had been spared the harsh effects of frost and we breathed a sigh of relief. 
        Once again we are reminded how much faith and surrender it takes to be a farmer. I had a fellow farm wife tell me that as farmers we don't need to go to the casino to gamble because we do that every year we put those seeds in the ground. Farming is a gamble but I guess you could say we are addicted to this life and keep coming back for more. 

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