Thursday, May 7, 2015

Birthday Party on the Farm

     My daughter Mary is a lover of the farm and farm life. So when we were deciding what she wanted to do with her friends for her birthday party she didn't hesitate in asking if they could all come to the farm and play. We sent out the invites letting the friends know to dress in cloths for fun on the farm.  I have to admit, some of the moms were a little unsure what a farm party would involve. We assured moms that there would not be any horse riding and that we would make sure the kids were safe. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and I think it was a memorable party for them. 
    Part of the part was spent out in the barn where we let the kids meet a calf that was born earlier that day. We locked the cow out of the pen so there was no risk of the kids getting hurt. We had each one pose for a picture with the calf and as a memory for their time on the farm. Look at all  the big smiles.

    Rose had to get some time with the calf too. She is another farm lover in the making. She looks up to Mary a lot and I'm sure animals is a passion they will share.
       Another thrill of the party was taking a ride in the tractor with Mary's dad. He took them around the yard showing them how the loader raises and lowers and let them honk the horn. The kids also burned off energy running around our new shop and climbing on some round bales looking for baby kittens.

        For a take home gift from the party we had the kids decorate pots and then repotted some spring flowers into them. Mary's dad who used to be a classroom Ag teacher gave the kids a short horticulture class on how to repot plants. The kids were so proud of their flowers and were anxious to show their mom's when it was time to go home.

      To finish the party we had supper, cake, and presents out on the porch. Mary was glowing with the pride of sharing her beloved farm with her friends. She told me later that they talked about the party in school for the next few days. Being on the farm everyday can be routine for us and not seem that exciting but when you are able to see it though the fresh eyes of children. Happy Birthday Mary.

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