Monday, May 19, 2014

Pasture Pleasure

After supper tonight we decided to walk out to the pasture behind our house to see the cows. We only have 8 cows and 10 calves (2 sets of twins making up the extra ones) in this pasture at this time. More will be joining them soon as we bring more of the herd out to pasture. I love seeing the cows in the lush green fresh grass. They were so calm tonight enjoying the mild weather. 
Cow and her calf. You can see the smaller number on the calfs ear tag matches his mothers number.

A group of calves all looking healthy and growing well.

One of the sets of twins.
     Paul and the the kids check on the calf creep feeder. It is designed with gates that are only big enough for the calves to get in. The creep feed provides the growing calves with extra nutrition to supplement their diet of milk and grass.
Creep Feed

Come and get some cows

Luke was most interested in sampling the creep feed.
Rose pointed out for us some cow poop.
David in the cool water of the creek
     There is a running creek that winds through the pasture providing the cows with fresh water to drink. The creek is also a great source of entertainment for the kids. I myself have many childhood memories of playing in pasture creeks with my siblings. Our creek is quite shallow reaching only knee to waist deep at it's deepest. By the end of a dry summer the water will no longer be running in it and often we have to start supplying water to the animals from the farm yard.
Cow paths in the grass where the cows have walked through the pasture year after year.

We stopped at the apple tree in the pasture and took a climb

        We had a wonderful visit to the pasture and I hope you enjoyed seeing the cows and the freshness of spring.

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  1. this was great fun!!! This comprised our summer vacation for a lot of years - going as a family to the pasture in the evenings. The Best! Thanks Ruth -once again I see that you have the life you grew up with and love it once again with your family. Love always, mom

  2. Nothing like taking a journey out to the pasture and taking the sights and sounds.

    Thank you for sharing this post with the Country Fair Blog Party!
    Laurie - Country Link

  3. Congratulations on being a Champion of the Country Fair!
    Laurie - Country Link

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