Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cute Alert

        My mother has instituted the Cute Alert on our farm. Whether it is twin calves or kids and kittens there are many times the alert needs to be sent out. Enjoy these Cute moments on our farm.

Luke is all smiles in a "bubble sink".
     I am known for putting my babies  in the sink filled with soapy water while I clean up the supper dishes. It keeps them happy and gets them clean at the same time. Cute Alert
Rose with a beautiful Mother's Day Rose

    As you can see it has been raining recently and quite cold out so planting has been put on hold. We hope that we can get back to planting this afternoon and get the rest of the crop in before the next rain storm. We do need the moisture here, but sunshine and warmer weather is also needed for the plants to grow. Please Lord send us timely rains with plenty of sunshine and warm weather between. Please keep all farmers safe in the fields as they tenderly put the seeds in the ground that will grow into food for all of us to eat.

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