Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chicken Graduation Day

      It is graduation season and here on the farm we had a graduation ceramony of our own. Our baby chicks have been growing over the last month and have out grown the box we had them in. This is the our first year raising chickens so before they could move out of the celler I had to make a chicken coop for them in one of our out buildings. Using some scrap lumber and chicken wire we constructed the new chicken coop.  We had to make sure there were no holes large enough for an amimal to get in and kill the chickens. Living on the farm there are many wild animals around that would love a chicken dinner. I feel confident that our chickens are safe in their new coop.
     At first the chickens seemed a bit unsure of all the freedom and space the new coop had to offer compaired to the small box they had been living in. The kids and I made sure that every chicken was shown where the feed and water was.

      I'm sure that the chicken will soon be right at home in their new coop. The next step is constructing an outside chicken run so they can scratch in the dirt and get some fresh air. We are enjoying our chicken adventure. Happy Graduation Day Chickens.

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