Monday, April 7, 2014

Life Within

    We candled the eggs we are incubating to see which ones are still alive and developing. We did this by shining a flash light through them and the one the glowed clear were not developing and the ones that were dark are still viable. We picked out 15 eggs out of 47 original which we felt were not developing.
     I took the kids outside and we broke open the dead eggs to see what was inside. We found that most of them appeared to around the same early point of development. I taught the kids that there are many reasons for the baby chicks to stop developing. The temperature could not have been right, not enough humidity, or a germ got into the egg. The kids were interested to see the big dark eye on the chicks and that they could see arms and legs on some of them. They also stated how they looked like pictures of baby people they have seen in books. I taught them that in this very early stage of development many creatures look alike.


       Then we came across this one. I'm not sure if we candled this one wrong or if the other one's would be more developed than this one at this stage. We were very interested to see that this chick has a beak, feathers, and chicken looking legs. We were amazed to see how much the baby chicks change and how wonderfully made they are. We also talked about how precious life is and how it needs to be taken care of carefully in order to develop normally. Everything was inside those eggs to make a baby chickens all it needed was some time and tender care. When asked the question what comes first the chicken or the egg, I say the chicken, because life begins with conception when everything is in place for life and the waiting for growth begins.  


  1. Have you ever soaked eggs in vinegar for a few days? It will dissolve the shells right off! I used to do this in 4-H with unfertilized store bought eggs for the kids to see the "naked" eggs., Pretty cool, plus if you are careful they are a bit bouncy :)

    1. Thanks for bringing up this wonderful experient to do with eggs. I haven't ever tried it but I'm sure the kids would be very interested in seeing it. Thanks Ann