Sunday, April 27, 2014

Faith and Farm

     Faith is an important part of our life on the farm and today we are proud of our beautiful Mary who took a very important and special step in her faith life. Mary received her First Holy Communion and was all smiles knowing what a big step this is in her life.

A special moment with her dad. Mary's dad gave her a special necklace with the image of Holy Mary on it,
a special keepsake for this special day.

Receiving the Body of Christ, the true nourishment we need in life

Her Grandpa Pat got to give her the Blood of Christ
Because of the rainy weather today, both of the farmer grandpas and Paul were able to spend some extra time with Mary to celebrate.  Sometimes it seems like it rains on days when we need a reminder to take time for family and rest.  Because we both grew up within a few miles of each other, we are fortunate to have our children's grandparents and great-grandparents able to to join us to celebrate this special day.
The glow of having Christ inside of her

A quick family shot

       Faith is what keeps life together. On the farm there are so many things that are out of our control: weather, prices of products, and sometimes health of animals. Faith is needed to know that things may seem to be out of our control but there is a God who always has our best interests in mind and knows the bigger picture in life and is always in control. Every night during prayer time with the kids we pray for favorable weather for the crops, fair prices, and health of the animals. Our children are learning that we need to place our life in God's hands and have faith that he will provide for us. Faith and farming go hand in hand.

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  1. Mary--we were praying for you all day on Sunday. You are so beautiful and we are so excited that you received your first (of many) communion! Love Uncle Bill, Aunt Nancy, Gus, Bernadette and Dominic