Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grandma with the Pigs and Grandma with the Cows

        Since my last post I have worked 4 12hr shifts at the hospital.  I love my job as an RN but with 5 kids I leave behind a busy household. While mom is at work it is all hands on deck and I am very blessed to have both of my kids grandparents close at hand and willing to help.
        Both Paul and I grew up in this area of farms. Myself on a cow/calf farm, and Paul on a farrow to finish hog farm. When the children were little they couldn't always remember which name went with which grandparent so they started calling them grandma with the pigs and grandma with the cows and the names stuck. 

 Grandma with the pigs watches the kids while I am at work. There have been times where I will come home and find the stove top cleaned and a pile of books that she has read to the kids. She is very patient and just a wonderful person. Even though she no longer has the farrow to finish farm she is still known in the family as the best one at farrowing a pig and getting the piglets out alive. She does still have some pigs on her farm that she and grandpa with the pigs help raise for Paul's younger brother. The kids love going out and seeing the pigs as they grow bigger.
Grandma with the cows also get her time with the kids while I am working at the hospital and Paul is helping out on the farm. My mother is known for always having her camera at the ready and her favorite subject is kids and farm life. She loves taking the kids on adventures on the farm and capturing all the cute and exciting moments that are sure to come.


        I feel so blessed that my children are able to experience farm life all around them. My children love learning about the farm and it has become part of their everyday life. Even the people that my children dearly love get names that reflect their part in agriculture. What a badge of honor. 

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