Thursday, January 30, 2014

The outside playpen

            Our children are often excited to go outside at feeding time to be part of excitement and see the cows. Cows are large animals and need to be respected and it is important that our children learn safety around the animals. One place in the cattle yard where the children often end up to keep them safe is in the hay feeders. From this place the kids are able to interact with the cows in a safe way. Our kids know that you need to be calm and quiet with the animals. Often when you hold out your hand to them and patiently wait a curious cow will come and smell it and you might get a quick pet if you are gentle.
            We have taught our children that they never go into the cattle yards without an adult. As adults we watch the animals for signs of anxiousness or aggressiveness. Most of the time cows are calm if you are calm.


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