Monday, July 13, 2015

Vacation 2015

       We had another wonderful vacation in UP Michigan. There were so many fun moments that this is going to be a lengthy photo show. Come see the memories as they were being made.
We started out our vacation with a family trip to a water park and then a train ride in the St Croix Falls WI area. The train was wonderful geared toward the children with education and a many different cars to explore.  

 After the train ride the kids were allowed to walk through the engine and mom got a quick snapshot.
Now it was time for the long trip across WI in to the Michigan UP. Rose entertained herself by eating Starbursts with her toes. Silly girl.
Our first view of the big lake and the beach.
 The kids quickly got to catching frogs from behind the cabin.
 We picked wild flower from the ditches while on family walks.

 Dave and Gus were hard workers moving sand and water with their dump trucks.
 A must have on our vacation is lots of ice cream. The kids are crazy for the Superman flavor.

 A family trip to Log Slide in Pictured Rock lake shore on Lake Superior. We all, including the little ones, went down the huge hill. The before shot with smiles all around.
At the bottom we stuck our toes in Lake Superior which is very cold but very clear.
 Mary giving a thumbs up as we head up the hill. You can do it Mary.
 Up we go. Paul carries Luke on his shoulders. What a man.
 The view during one of our rest stops about half way up the hill. So pretty.
 Rose was not happy that we made her climb that big hill. Dad had to carry her the last bit. She did do most of it by herself.
 After Log Slide we visited a bear sanctuary and saw 40+ cut black and brown bears. They were very cute.

 David found himself a friend.
 More beach time with boys and trucks and girls in pink tutu suits.

 A walk on the beach at sunset.
We also took a trip to the lighthouse and had to get the shot of Paul and I with the lighthouse in the background. This was Paul's last day with us as he would be heading back to the farm to take care of the animals and work with area farmers through his FBM job.
 Mary my geologist sitting between two big stromataporide fossils.
 Cousins and the lighthouse

 The Lanoue Clan

 More beach fun

 During nap time the big kids and I took a nature walk and had fun with large ferns that were growing in the woods.

The kids found walking sticks. As you can see David went for size not function.
 4th of July. Mary helped make our traditional flag cake.
 We enjoyed the annual local parade with kabobs and lots of candy.
 A portrait of each kid with the parade spoils.

 Our wonderful 4th of July supper with fresh Verly/Lanoue beef. Soo Good.



 For another field trip the big kids and I went to our favorite Lighthouse that you can climb to the top.

 As a day trip we went over the Mackinaw Bridge and visited Grand Travers Bay where my mother spent her summers growing up. The kids like the big bridge and swimming in the warmer water in the bay. It was a great day.
 Rose loved the Michigan sweet cherries.

 Mary took some pictures of the little ones for her 4-H photo project. I think this one is the best.

 Our last nap time day trip the big kids and I took was to a local fishery that was disappointingly lacking fish at this time of year except for the ones swimming in the holding pool.
     We had a great vacation but I have to admit that it is good to be back home on the farm. I am thankful to my parents who make this relaxation retreat possible and all precious memories we have of our time in this beautiful place. Goodbye big lake, we will see you sometime in the future. Now it is time to get back to work. 

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