Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big Day of Baling Buffer Strips

      Yesterday the men put in a big day of baling the grass on the buffer strips next to some of our fields. They made 181 bales, which was a new record for them in one day. With each bale weighing 1500 lbs each, that about 135 tons of hay for the cattle. 
      We have been planting buffer strips as part of a volunteer program for about 3 years. The program gave farmers incentives to plant buffer strips, along with other environmentally beneficial practices. The buffer strips are good for the environment and we are able to use the land productively when we harvest the grass off of the strips and feed it to the cattle throughout the year.  
        Here is a short video that I took of the men baling explaining how we make the hay. Please enjoy.

       Yesterday was also Paul's birthday so we took a picnic supper our to the field.  When the grass is dry and ready for haying there is little time to waste. Luke was sad because we took him out of the tractor where he was "baling like daddy" to take this picture. It was fun and a special birthday for farmer dad.  
 My Superhero Farmer.
 Happy Birthday Paul.

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