Tuesday, June 9, 2015

From: Us / To: Your Plate

            There have been so many things happening on the farm recently that I feel I need to do a little catching up. The first major event happened on June 1st when three semi trucks showed up on our farm and the market animals got loaded onto them and taken to Omaha where they will be made into supper for the world. Prior to them leaving Mary wanted to walk through and say goodbye to them. There were a few curious one's who sniffed her hand and others who just gave us the cautious eye. 
         One of the big boys give me a front profile view. It is hard to believe that these animals are only a little over a year old. These are the same calves that were born on our farm last spring. We keep and raise our own calves until they are ready for market. The whole process is start to finish on our farm.
          Rose picked out a red one she likes. For some reason each year when the animals are going out we like to pick out a red one and give it the special name of Bulls Eye. With our herd of cattle that is almost exclusively black hided, the red ones tend to stick out. Bye Bulls Eye.
         The kids admired how the animals are loaded onto the trailer in a double decker style. The trailer is like a big puzzle with moving pieces to get the animals where they need to be.
        Rose and Mary check our the animals one last time.
             Paul is happy to see this day come. It always feels good to have the animals ready for market and on their way to many consumers dinner plates. He is proud of the fine quality animals he has raised so you can have good food to eat.
             Luke and Rose watch closely as the men load the cattle. Some day it may be their turn to do this job.

          David helped get the last few animals onto the trailer and then they were off on their journey that well end with them providing nutrition to many people. Each of these market animals could make over 3500 quarter pound hamburgers - that is a lot of good juicy  hamburgers or steaks!  These animals are very high quality and will be made into delicious steaks and other preferred cuts rather than hamburgers.
          We are proud of how well they grew and how healthy they are but they are not our pets and we do not feel a personal connection to them. It is sad to think they will be harvested by tomorrow but this is their purpose in life and they will do a wonderful job feeding many people.

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