Monday, June 22, 2015

Cow Wash

    I don't know if I have ever shared here that I come from a blogging family. All the women in my family (except for my sister who is a Catholic Nun in France) have a blog we share on regularly. I was the last to join this club and my mother and sister's all had a little laugh because they would have never guessed me to "join the club".  We all have different purposes to our blogs. My mother has a fairth/family/farm life blog (you will get the slash meaning when you read it). My sister Nancy has a crafting, motherhood blog which she does very well with. My sister Maria has a military family sharing blog. So there you have it, our blogging family.
    A short time ago I was making my rounds through the recent blog posts and saw this great one my mother put on about the recent 3 inches of rain we got last night. I love the bit she put in the end about the Cow Wash. It is so true that rain can change the landscape so quickly. Enjoy this great post from my mom.
       Thanks for doing the work for me this time mom.

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