Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Family Joy

    We had a wonderful Easter here on the farm full of family and memories. I took lots of photos as the excitement of Easter was unfolding and would like to share them with you. Enjoy
    We started out our Easter celebration with coloring Easter eggs. Many eggs produced by our hard working laying hens were used in this Easter tradition. It was a beautiful day so we decided to enjoy the outdoors and utilized the table on the porch. It made for great pictures with the natural light.

        For Easter weekend we took a long road trip down to Kansas City to visit my sister whom we hadn't seen in 2.5 years. My youngest sister has joined a religious order called the Little Sisters of the Lamb. She has been stationed in France since she joined about 6 years ago and occasionally she makes it back to the states and we made every effort to see her when she is within driving distance.
       Rose and Bernadette were so excited to see each other. We call them the two criminals because they all always up to something.
    Gus and David had some fun running around and just being silly.
       The convent that the Little Sisters of the Lamb have in Kansas City is simple but very beautiful and welcoming. We always love our visits with all the Sisters there.

     Some fun selfies with my sister Susan, now known as Little Sister Hallel. She is still the same all smiles, laughs, and joy.

     Another tradition in our family is making "tombs" for Easter morning breakfast. We take a large marshmallow and wrap it in a crescent roll. Then we roll it in butter and then cinnamon sugar. The kids say they look like the rock that was rolled in front of Jesus's tomb. After backing the marshmallow melts and the tomb is empty. Jesus has risen, he is now longer in the tomb.

     The Sisters enjoyed sharing in our Easter tradition and thought the meaning was wonderful. They are also very tasty and were eaten just as fast as we made them.

      The "criminals" checking out their cute matching Easter Dresses.
            The whole clan in our Easter Best. Family time is the best.

         You can't have Easter without Jelly Beans. So we got out the plastic eggs and set up an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. I might have had to sample a few as I was filling eggs. Jelly Beans are one of my great weaknesses.

        After the hunt the kids display their loot. Looks like they made a haul.
          Everyone in blue, just missing Rose who was taking a needed nap. We had a beautiful Easter in Kansas with  great friends and family.
          We love you Little Sister Hallel and cherish every moment of our time together. Love from all of us back here on the farm.

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