Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baby chicks show and tell = Ag in the classroom

       Back around April 8th we got our chicks for the year. This year we are going to try some broiler, or meat chickens, for the first time. We got 50 broilers this year to see how it goes. We also got 8 egg layer chicks to supplement out flock of laying hens we currently have. They are so cute and fluffy that I found my self sitting with the kids next to the pen we made for them in the cellar just watching them eat and walk around.
       My daughter Mary is my animal lover and is always wanting to bring the new animals to school to share with her friends. She went to school the day after we got the chicks and asked her teacher if she could bring some in to show her classmates and he teacher said sure. So started an impromptu ag in the classroom visit.
       Mary was so proud to show off our new chicks. I brought enough so that everyone could hold one. Mary told everyone some facts about chickens and the difference in meat and egg laying chickens. As the kids were holding the chicks I walked around the classroom and talked to the kids answering questions and providing some information. The kids loved it, and who could resist holding a cute fluffy baby chick? As I was getting pictures the teacher asked for copies of them to use in the year book. Awesome!

          The kids enjoyed their quick glimpse of farm life and we made sure that when it was done they all went and cleaned their hands and talked quickly about infection control and health. This visit to the school was quick, easy, and a lot of fun.
      When we got home my two youngest had to make sure the chicks were all settled in their pen and had to hold a few themselves. Kids and chicks, too cute!

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