Monday, January 19, 2015

Let the SunShine

           Today was a glorious January day which are rare in our blustery part of the world. Today the sun was bright and warm melting the snow and giving us a high temp of 45 degrees outside. It felt so wonderful. We all went outside for the afternoon and just soaked in the sun and warmth knowing that it will all to soon be bitterly cold again and spring is still a long was off. Luke enjoyed sitting with his animal friends in the sun.
   Simon and David worked on one of the remaining snow drifts. David in only short sleeves insisted he was warm while working with my garden hoe to move the snow. The sun felt so warm and compared to the cold weather of normal January it felt like summer out there.

 The tree house is waiting for the warmer weather so the kids and I can get back up there and finish it. The walls and siding is up just needing the rest of the rafters and roof. Always have to have a project to look forward to.
 Not long after getting outside Luke fell into a puddle of water. He was sad for a moment but then got over it in his excitement to see the chickens and other animals.
 Mary is my main helper with the chickens and she had to pick one up to show us how big they are getting. The chickens are doing a great job providing us with fresh eggs. Out of our 11 hens we get about 8-10 eggs a day. Good job ladies. They sure do like this milder weather also were they can be outside and scratch in the mud/dirt.
 A selfy with the kids and a chicken..
 Rose showed me that she found some mud. The mud isn't hard to find with the thawing temps. Looks like I will be doing an extra load of laundry today.
 Luke and his siblings took a swing on the tire swing. The melting snow in the tree house above the swing gave the effect of light raining. The kids though this was fun.
 Rose up int he tree house.
 The fall kittens enjoyed sitting in the sun cleaning and playing. What a treat at this time of year.
 Simon and David decided to take the 4 wheeler out to the pasture and play in the melting snow out there. They came back wet but happy.

And then Holly our Christmas puppy was everywhere we went running and playing with the kids. She is full of energy. We all loved the beautiful day in the sunshine. What a wonderful January gift.

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