Sunday, December 28, 2014

A HOLLY Jolly Christmas

        We have had a wonderful Christmas full with family fun and good memories. We are all feeling filled to overflowing with good food and sweet times. Here are some cute Santa picks of us.
Husband and I with Santa

         There were some very good kids in our house this year and Santa pulled out all the stops and brought them a new puppy. Santa picked out a very sweet cattle dog who will love being on our farm. Her name is Holly and she is so sweet and soft. She is our first family dog and the kids are already in love.
         Christmas day was beautiful here with temps right at freezing. We took Holly for a walk in the cattle pasture attached to our house to show her around and burn off some of the sugar from the morning. She loved running around and watching the kids. So cute.

A girl and her dog

        I hope Holly has many more fun and productive days on the farm. For now we are enjoying all her energy. This is a Christmas we will forever remember and hope you all had a wonderful holly jolly Christmas.

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