Thursday, October 16, 2014


            Roots are a very important part of life on the farm. The roots are what feed the plants that we grow and help them stand tall. The roots, you could say, make the plant what it is and what we see above the ground. Like plants, having strong roots  can make a person stronger and better than they could ever be without those roots.
           Today we were able to visit some my husbands roots at the University of Minnesota. My husband we able to attend the U of M for 4 years and got his degree in Agricultural Education during that time. He also fostered his love for agriculture and made many life-long friends and connections there. To see him back on the campus I could see the pride and joy he had showing the kids all the sights and sounds of his beloved alma mater.
       One of the places he wanted to take the kids was to see the display of root systems in the Norman Borlaug building. He told the kids that when he first saw this he thought it was one of the coolest things he had seen and wanted to share it with them. I do have to say it was impressive to see and the kids talked about it for the rest of the day.
         It was a beautiful day and the campus was looking it's best with all the fall colors. While at the U of M, Paul attended the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences which on based on the Saint Paul campus. This campus has a wonderful feel to it as if you are in a small community of friends in the middle of a big city. I can see how he fell in love with this place.
           Paul wanted to show the kids are the different things they do at the university and took the kids to see the animal buildings and even into a greenhouse where Mary checked out an experiment someone was doing with plants and butterflies.

          Another must see place was the bulls on the mall.  The kids had fun climbing on them and running  in the grass. Who knows, maybe someday they will walk past these bulls as they go to their classes at the U of M.
       Paul and I with a bull 11 years after he last saw them as a student. So many fond memories.
       We took the campus connector bus which David found fun and was impressed at how big the whole University is. So much to see.
         Our last stop had to be Paul's fraternity house Alpha Gamma Rho. They have recently remodeled and Paul's cousin who now lives in the house gave us a tour. Thanks Jake! Paul was very impressed at the changes and improvements. This house and the people in it were his family for 4 years of his life and helped him become who he is. The U of M is a portion of my husbands roots which he is very proud of and the launching point of his adult life. I am glad the kids and I were able to visit this wonderful place on such a beautiful day.  Out of good roots come wonderful fruit.

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