Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall fun

        Today was a wonderful fall day outside. The men are harvesting the soybeans in the field across the road and the kids were ready for some outside time after a few cold days that have kept us indoors. After a lot of trying I got this good picture where everyone looked at me and smiled. It's a keeper.
       While outside I got some pictures of Simon for his 10th birthday. Simon's birthday was on Sept 20th which many years is the first day the farmers start soybean harvest. Simon loves farm machinery and it is fitting that his birthday is at the start of harvest when all the big machines head out in to the field. This is my favorite picture we got with the combine and grain cart in the background. He is growing up into such a fine looking wonderful young man.
        We found a farm kitten on top of the round bale piles which the kids fell instantly in love with. It it a cute fluffy thing. Simon is so sweet and gentle with animals and they love him back.
         While outside we picked some pumpkins and brought them inside to paint. The kids each had their own way of decorating theirs. Rose wet for the finger painting method.
       Mary made a happy patriotic pumpkin.
                 Simon made a scary green alien.
               David did one up in true David style. He called his an alien too. It sure is spooky.
                 Some more pictures of Simon on this wonderful fall day. We all love spending time outside on the farm and there is always something to do. Often I tell the kids that they are so lucky to have baby kittens to catch and play with, fresh veggies from the garden. pastures to run in, and tractors to ride in. All to often we take it for granted and I for one am trying to slow down more often and see all the blessings around me. This is such a blessed life.

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