Saturday, July 19, 2014

Outstanding in the field #5

Sunday July 13th crop report
       I took these pictures the day we got back from vacation and have been meaning to get them on here ever since. Boy the corn has grow while we were away.  Simon and I go 20 rows into the field to take our picture and now I have to make sure he is right next to me so we done get lost in there. There are many scary stories of children getting lost in corn fields and I would rather not have one of my own to tell. The corn is a few days from tasseling and the soil is getting dry. We could use some rain now even though earlier this spring we were seeing parts of the fields getting drowned out. With all this vegetation the moisture gets used up fast.
    The soybeans are also looking wonderful and are starting to fill in. The plants have many little purple flowers on them which will become the bean pods. I don't think the plants will get much taller but start to fill in between the rows.
    The next report is soon to follow.

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