Friday, April 21, 2017

Taking Over!

Sorry Ruth's been away for so long!  It seems she's been pretty busy with life recently.  This is Paul and Ruth has given me the password so that I can help keep you posted as to what is going on at our farm.  Ruth started this post by putting on a few pictures last year but then got busy with taking care of the family and being a farm wife.  Enjoy the pictures!
As an update, we've been thoroughly enjoying our transition to the main farm which has been keeping us very busy! We didn't mean to keep you hanging for the past year about the progress made on the house project.  Below are some picture of the finished product!
The view from the front door.
Barn door made from my grandfather's old barn.
Ruth's canning kitchen with lots of windows to see all that's happening on the farm!  She likes to refer to this space as her Command Center since she can see everything going on and can help the kids with homework on the island at the same time.
Ruth's favorite part of the kitchen is the view and her big sink where she has already done quite a bit of canning this past summer. Based on her garden plans, I think the family will be pretty busy again this summer!
The stove hood made from Grandpa's old shed.
The stair are the only part of the main level that stayed.  Everything else was changed.  This area works well for the kids to be doing craft projects.  My farm office is behind that door where I can still be involved in the activity going on right outside the door!
Below are some random farm shots that are some of our favorites for various reasons.

A cow with hardware provided a unique opportunity for Mary to work with our veterinarian in learning about animals and medical care.  She ended up with a Grand Champion ribbon explaining the cause, symptoms, and treatment of hardware in cows.

Sale day for the fat cattle.  We were fortunate to have four generations together for the day seeing them all get loaded!
Below are a few pictures from our summer vacation that we took to the Black Hills last year.

Below are some random pictures that Ruth had loaded onto this post before she got super busy!

Biggest news recently is the addition of Joy Jean Lanoue to our family on March 31, 2017.  She's been a very good baby so far and likes to be held which is good when you have 5 loving older siblings!  Mom is doing great!

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Most recent family photo!
Like I mentioned earlier, I plan to post occasionally about the happenings on the farm.  Don't be surprised if I get a little deeper into the why's on our farm, just the old Ag teacher in me, I guess!


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