Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Great MN Get Together

It is the first day of that great event every Minnesotan looks forward to all year long.
The Great Minnesota State Fair.
    If you have never been to the Minnesota State Fair, make every attempt to get there this year and you will find a wonderful experience that you will not soon forget. The Minnesota Fair is truly the Great MN get together with more people going through it's gates each day than go into Disney Land on a daily basis. The MN State Fair is the 2nd largest state fair behind TX. There is truly something there for everyone.
     One of my favorite places at the fair is the Farm Bureau Booth located at 1305 Underwood St, across the street from the food building. My husband Paul and I have volunteered at this booth for the last 4 years. We enjoy visiting with the people who come to visit the booth and help them learn something new about agriculture. If you have visited my blog in the past you may have noticed that Paul and I have a passion on educating other about the great things agriculture is doing in todays world. At the booth visitors are invited to take a quick quiz about MN agriculture (all the answers are on the wall displays). They then get to talk to one of the farmers who are volunteering in the booth and learn what they raise on their farm. When complete with this they are given a great lunch bag and this year they are also giving out a ice cream scoop. On the back of the quiz is a Pico de Gallo recipe they get to take home and try. There is also a combine simulation that the kids/adults can try out. Lots of fun.
        Take some time and come to the Great Minnesota State Fair and make a point of stopping by the Farm Bureau booth and I promise you will leave with a smile on you face, a new appreciation for the farmers raising your food, and a awesome lunch bag.

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