Friday, June 27, 2014

Outstanding in the field #4

   Well the corn has made it to Simon's shoulders and looking strong. Tomorrow we head off for our annual 2 week vacation in the Michigan UP. The men only stay for a short time while my sisters and I stay with our kids for the full time. The cousins have so much fun together. I am sure that when we get back the corn will be well over Simon's head and probably even mine.
   The beans are starting to fill in and the next job on the farm is to spray the fields for weeds before the beans get too big. Most years the spraying may be done by now but with the recent rains the fields have been too wet. We feel blessed that we didn't get as much rain as some of the farmers around us who have lakes instead of fields at this time.
     The soybeans are starting to flower. I don't know if I have ever looked close enough to see a soybean flower. They are purple and kind of cute. Grow little beans grow.

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